As of this morning I have decided, I am bandwagon-ing with the industry “selfie-stick” trend (albeit painfully late). What has made me embrace this item? The following mind blowing photo: Not Photoshop trickery, but an amazing pioneer of self photography who could have probably made a lot of money had he just patented that pole. […]

It is always so nice when a client reaches out to you after a project to let you know how well everything went and how pleased they were. One of our customers had a request from an account manager for a nice gift item to be used at a partner event. We created some really […]

Welcome to my first blog post……..ever.  My marketing team has been telling me that I should be blogging and am finally taking their advice and starting this process. Have not really put a lot of thought into what I am going to say, but I have been told that the process should be very freestyle […]